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The programming interface HGP-60 is also available for Windows PC, Apple and Android.

With the help of the WLAN transceiver integrated in the central computer David-613-ZR It is possible to establish a communication with the Android/Apple devices.

For the PC version a serial interface or a USB-RS232 adapter is required + RS232 cable.

The user interface corresponds to the HPG-60 system design, so that a quick and uncomplicated operation is guaranteed.


KW-Calculator is software for the specification and calculation of a complete standardized lift controller system with the components: control, car panel, landing panels and external displays.

It offers a choice of the most calculated and ordered functions and serves as a request for quotation.

KW Monitoring

The KW Monitoring Software enables the monitoring of all active elevator systems in a real estate. Data of all elevator systems are collected and graphically processed in order to be able to identify trends in terms of availability and maintenance. The overall overview of the lifts is carried out with the help of the building layout, in which the locations of the elevator systems are presented.

Each elevator group/system is colored as an indication of its availability. By dialing, you can call up a detail view that provides more information and views.

Data is evaluated, secured and made available to the operator in different types of reports (usage behavior, events, utilization and performance).