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Soft Start Units

Soft Start Unit SAG-90

Soft-start device with LED display for hydraulic lifts. The power area extends from a nominal current of 12A to 210A in a W3-circuit.

The device has a 24V DC command entrance to the launch of the device. There are two relay outputs available to the release valve and the powerless switching of the main contactors. An EMC fair housing in steel and filter components, in compliance with the EN 55011 class B without the use of a throttle, is standard in these soft-start devices.

An automatic input phase recognition with phase failure detection is integrated. One RJ-45 bus connection allows the use of the KW Liftbus protocol.

The parameters are set with the handheld terminal HPG-60 or the PC software via the serial interface.

Another version of soft start-units is the use of the system-rack ST-90 with wired main contactors. The single components contents of the soft start-unit SAG-90 which is mounted on the system-rack. The system-rack will be fixed in the controller casing with a four-point-fixing like a frequency-inverter-casing.

The both up-contactor, the down-contactor-unit and the SAG-90 is pre-wired. Only the wireing of the hydraulic-ventils must be adapted to the existing type of hydraulic valves and the motor.

All units have your greatest housing dimension in cross direction. This allows the device space in the control cabinets integrated.

Type softstart-device Rated engine power (A) Standard Rated engine power (kW) Standard Rated engine power (A) W3-circuit Rated engine power (kW) W3-circuit
SAG90-12-400-24 bis 25 12 bis 42 16
SAG90-16-400-24 bis 45 16 bis 70 24
SAG90-22-400-24 bis 70 24 bis 120 42
SAG90-32-400-24 bis 130 50 bis 175 70
SAG90-42-400-24 bis 160 70 bis 210 80

Higher power levels are available upon request.