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Glass Operation Panels

Basics – Glass-Panels

The glass tableaus are made of laminated glass / ESG glass. As a result, glass panes can be easily integrated into all-glass lift cabins. The glass thickness is usually between 6 and 10mm. The glass panes can be coated in the colors according to RAL range.

However, very light shades for color fidelity and fluoroscopy should be avoided. The sensor keys type ST40 can be supplied with blue and white backlight.The visualization of the elevator car and the direction arrows, issue of special messages is preferably done with TFT graphic displays.

Special functions can be done by key switches with our transponder systems.

COP Glass Panels

Basically COP Glass car panels are in following sizes:

250 x 980mm (Model 980)
250 x 1080mm (Model 1080)
250 x 1180mm (Model 1180)

The number of built-in appliances depends on the size of the glass plate. Special sizes are possible. The glass plate can be color-coated according to the wishes of the client.

Due to the visual protection coating, slight color changes may occur in relation to the RAL classification. If a panel without color coating desired, so standard cover is stainless steel with a thickness of 2 mm and a sanding K240. The attachment of cover sheet is invisible with clickers.

Following displays are possible:

TFT graphic display 7,0 inch

Freely programmable TFT color display with a size of 7.0 inches, 115 x 480 mm and a resolution of 800 x 240 pixels. The representation of the characters and images can be horizontal or vertical. The display is divided into up to four variable image areas. Assignment of pictures & audio files per floor, voice computer and gong representation, 5 special messages in parallel wiring

TFT graphic display 10,0 inch

Functionality as the 7.0inch display, but with a larger display. All displays can be battery-buffered with 24V DC and serve as an emergency light source.

Glass sensor buttons

The call detectors of the ST40 series are used as call devices. The active touch area is 30 x 30 mm. The standby lighting is blue or white. When activated, the light turns red.

The arrangement of the call buttons can be 1-row or 2-row, but also with identification fields. The key switch for the internal priority is integrated as a hidden transponder lock in the lower part of the glass panel.