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KONE Monospace

KONE introduced the first machine room-less elevator in 1996, namely the Monospace. The heart of the system is the Ecodisc synchronous drive. A typical MX-5 drive can be seen in the picture opposite. As a valued business partner, we would like to inform you today that our frequency inverters of the GOLIATH-90 series can now be used to operate the old drives of the MX series as well as the new NMX motors.

Especially in modernization, the MX drives can be upgraded for another elevator life by simply replacing the encoder!

The machines of the future NMX series are immediately ready for use even without changing the pulse generator. The selection of the drive and its parameters, such as that in the desicht of the converter.

We are now able to carry out the measurement accurately within 0.1 seconds, because a by-product of our research was the determination of the rotor angle in synchronous machines with ropes attached.